Day 23 – Zero day in Vinton

Austin highway infrastructure has unfortunately been overwhelmed by some cold rain. I’m stuck here at the Best Western off of I-10, in a curious Twilight Zone set known as The Border Town Casino Plaza.

At breakfast this morning a very generous woman offered to give me a ride through the cold when she heads back to Texas tomorrow. I haven’t accepted any rides yet because I wanted to stay pure and be able to claim that I rode my bike the entire way across America but I’ll have to compromise. I have a job and an apartment waiting for me in Flagstaff, AZ at the beginning of March.

In the meantime I have a great chance to explore the many bar, casino, and gas station located in The Plaza. I played some pool and had some solid Cajun wings in the sports bar (aptly named Sports Bar) and pigged out on a Hunts Brothers pizza and some Hi-Chew from the gas station.

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