Day 7 – Tallahassee to Chattahoochee

Eventful day, finally escaped Hillahassee and got back to some nice flat country riding. Squared away some bike problems early today, and made it to a nice campsite, been staying in hotels the last couple nights so it’s nice to be outdoors again.

Last night I ordered way too much chicken from Zaxby’s, I’d never had Zaxby’s before so I kind of went overboard. It’s just chicken I don’t really know what I expected, it was pretty good. Finished up the last of the chicken for breakfast today and stuffed the remaining space in my stomach with the free jimmy dean sausage from the hotel breakfast.

First thing I did was ride to Joe’s Bike Shop in Tallahassee. Not having alternate hand positions has started to wear down on my hands. Thanks to Joe for giving me some shiny new bar ends on the house.

After that I made a stop at Walmart to pick up a new headlight and restock my salt tablets. Shout-out to De’Asia for not having me thrown out for looking like a freak in my bike shorts and helmet trying to get a discount on a 20$ bike light.

I’d spent most of the beginning of the day doing errands so I got on the road around 12. Did about 45 miles and made it to a really nice campsite (thanks dad) to catch the sunset.

I’ve gotten pretty good at setting up my tent this video is in real time

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2 thoughts on “Day 7 – Tallahassee to Chattahoochee

  1. CarlosCasanova says:

    The campsite does look really nice. The extra protection for all your gear is a huge bonus. Glad to be of service. 😉


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