Day 38 – Peoria to Salome

I started out early around 6:30 and had breakfast at the Jack in the Box next to my motel, my first time ever going there. I set an ambitious goal in the morning. I would try to reach a KOA camp nearly 100 miles away. The desert affords few opportunities for shelter. I could stay in Wickenburg, but I’m zoned in and feel like I can crank out some miles if I try.

I rode about 40 miles to Wickenburg and had a delicious quesarito from Taco Bell. Nothing like fast food if you wanna ride fast. Wickenburg is a really cool sort of old west style town. Lots of sights to see there if you aren’t racing to bike 50 miles before sundown.

After Wickenburg, I got to zone out in the desert once again, enjoying the wide shoulders on route 60.

Writing about it after the fact probably doesn’t do it justice but I rode about 50 miles and made it to a KOA camp in Salome after 11 and a half hours on the road. This was my longest day so far.

At camp I got some laundry done and resisted the urge to jump in the hot tub with all my clothes on, this particular KOA was really awesome.

For dinner I had a pack of applewood smoked sausages that I’d picked up. I was getting tired of cleaning dishes so I tried to cook it right over the flame instead of using one of my pots. Apparently you’re not supposed to do that with an isobutane stove because the sausage came out tasting like gasoline. Hopefully that means a speed boost tomorrow.

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