Day 1 – St. Augustine to Palatka

The journey begins! Thanks to Ken for taking some great kickoff pics on the St Augustine beach at sunrise. 

The weather gods decided to favor me on the start of my tour, not too hot not too cold, riding mostly on bike trails and through some smaller towns.

I rode about 3 miles from the beach where my Airbnb was to the official start of the tour where Evan was kind enough to take some pics of me (and a few of his dog).

Most of the riding was on a bike trail that goes from St Augustine to Gainesville. Pretty peaceful except for some recumbent bicyclists flying by at about 100mph.

Found an awesome shelter in the Rice Creek Conservation area and set up camp for the night.

Ride info

Check out this link to see my ride along with all the pictures I took while I was riding.


6 thoughts on “Day 1 – St. Augustine to Palatka

  1. Jacob Zadnik says:

    Yes! I was hoping you’d do this kind of kick off picture to literally go ocean-to-ocean.

    So pumped for you, Brother!

    Ride strong, ride safe, and have fun.

  2. Joe Iaquinto says:

    Excited to watch this journey! Stay safe and have fun!

  3. Katelyn Moore says:

    Have fun and good luck! Take tons of pictures!

  4. Jules D'Alessandro says:

    BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!! Keep your wits about you.
    Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it (including from me).
    Keep your eyes open. Have fun, enjoy the experience.


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