St. Augustine

I landed in Jacksonville around midnight, picked up my rental car and hightailed it to my Airbnb. The weather was absolutely beautiful, even in the beginning of January it was about 70 degrees in the middle of the night. You can understand why people from the northeast transplant to Florida so often, it feels exactly like the northeast summer year round. Incidentally, I don’t think I met a single person who was born in Florida while I was in St Augustine, everyone’s from New York.

The next day I picked up my bike from UPS and stuffed it into the back of my rental. I dragged it into my Airbnb and started to put it all back together. There were some problems that needed some love and some elbow grease, but the bike fit back together. 

My main challenge in St Augustine was food. The first day I went to Walmart to buy food to cook. I decided not to go out to eat because I’d been eating out a lot recently. Well I ended up not saving any money and eating terrible food. I bought some ribeye chops that were a good price and some teriyaki marinade for them. After letting them soak using the primitive Airbnb kitchen, it became apparent that the teriyaki marinade I bought for 1.79$ was actually intended to be sold as some kind of biofuel and made everything it touched taste revolting. Also I learned that a human person can not eat 2 pounds of spaghetti in one day. I initially made some spaghetti with marinara sauce, using a can of tomatoes and some garlic salt from my camp cooking kit. It became apparent I was not going to be able to eat all of the spaghetti so I cancelled my trip. 

Sike, I just didn’t cook the second pound of spaghetti. The cream sauce I had planned for the second pound became part of a new dish I call Alfredonara. The recipe is simple:


Indeterminate quantity of leftover spaghetti with marinara sauce

Cream sauce (butter, heavy cream, and parmesan)




Please be sure to credit this blog when serving Alfredonara to friends and family. 


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