Day 11 – Niceville to Gulf Breeze

Anthem of the day:

Carol Brown just took a bus out of town

Interesting day today. Getting my bike fit definitely helped my knees a bunch. Apparently I had my seat way too high. Unfortunately the adjustment made my padded, spring-suspended comfort saddle unbearable to ride on. I stopped over at a bike shop and traded it in for a more narrow and firm saddle. Thanks to the dude at Just Bike for the saddle trade and all the gear gifts.

Also, for this segment I’m going off route. The official ACA route goes straight from Crestview to Pensacola following I-10 inland. I went immediately south from Crestview to the coast so I’ll be able to get some more riding in by the ocean.

I’m getting into the swing of touring, starting to focus less on miles and more on stopping on the side of the road for ice cream.

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