Day 21 – Port Barre to Kinder

Anthem of the day:

lots of cows out here

Cool day, been smashing the miles lately. My patch job didn’t hold, I had to swap out for a new tube on the front tire this morning. Some of my friends had sent gifts ahead of me to Mamou, LA which I crossed through today. Thanks to Shauna and Joe for the awesome passport book!

I’m also casting a 100 year’s curse on the Postal Service for really snail mailing it up and delaying my friend Zad’s generous GoPro donation until I’ll be long past the destination.

More cats today. I stopped at McDonald’s for some cheap calories and noticed a cat in the curbside pickup spot meowing incessantly. Maybe she accidentally chose “dine-in” in the app and couldn’t get her McNuggets. Either way I shared a packet of fish that I was dreading eating anyways.

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