Day 20 – Baton Rouge to Port Barre

Anthem of the day:

To tell you the truth I’m writing this entry a few days later and don’t really remember this day too well. Looks like I cranked out some good miles. Oh! I just remembered, this is the day I crossed the Mississippi.

There she is

Thanks Shauna for sending me “The Girl With the Curious Hair” which I was listening to as I powered my way through the narrow shoulder on the bridge.

My days here get sort of strange, I’ve been going off-route a lot to shave off some miles. Not to diminish the charm of the heartland but once you’ve seen 100 miles of rural Louisiana you’ve seen them all. I ended at JC’s RV park and was welcomed by some feline visitors to my site late in the evening.

I think a lot of people don’t get to look at the sky very often which is unfortunate. Getting a wide panoramic of sky unobstructed by the temperate broadleaf forests of the northeast reminds you of the vastness of the Earth. Riding your bike across the continent reminds you that it’s manageable.

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