Day 13 – Gulf Shores to Bayou La Batre

Anthem of the day:

Today was one of the highlights of the trip, I get to ride the Mobile Island Ferry across Mobile Bay to cross Alabama. Started out with some great riding on trails in Gulf Shores and then continued past lots of white beaches.

While waiting for the ferry I had a chance to eat lunch and check out some of the historical buildings by the dock.

Riding the ferry was awesome, it was nice to move without having to pedal for a change.

Ended my day with a banquet of deep fried food in Bayou La Batre.

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3 thoughts on “Day 13 – Gulf Shores to Bayou La Batre

  1. Larry Walsh says:

    Did you wear a gas mask riding through Bayou La Batre? Pop quiz…in what film is Bayou La Batre featured? Hint: 1994 release.

    Keep smiling!

    1. Julian Casanova says:

      Forrest Gump! Everyone I talked to mentioned it haha

  2. Katelyn Moore says:

    That one picture with your bike on its side in the sand with the water right there is so peaceful, love that!


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