Day 22 – Kinder to Vinton

Anthem of the day:

I biked 500 miles and I biked 500 more, today marks the thousandth mile I have ridden since setting out from St. Augustine.

I’m starting to get comfortable riding faster, putting out 60-70 mile days. What’s holding me back is mostly my knees and soreness from being in the saddle after about 4 hours. My average speed is closer to 15 miles an hour now rather than 10 mph as it was for the first couple weeks. I’m roughly five miles from the Texas border, but I can’t ride on the interstate so I’ll have to head north for a bit to cross over and get back on the official route. I think I shaved off about two days of riding by making detours and riding hard in LA.

Snow and 20 degree weather is projected ahead of me so tomorrow might turn out to be a rest day. I came south to escape the winter not to ride headfirst into it. Hopefully the rain and cold will stop following me once I cross into the Lone Star State.

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