Day 28 – El Paso to Las Cruces

Checked out a little more of downtown El Paso and restocked on food in the morning.

I grabbed a quick breakfast at Mamacita’s, a fantastic eggs Benedict sort of thing with chorizo instead of ham.

I said goodbye to the Gardner Hotel and got back on the bike for the first time in a couple days. El Paso marks the beginning of the second-to-last segment for me, so I rode to the beginning of the route and started out towards New Mexico.

Keeping a watchful eye out for snakes, I made it to the Texas – New Mexico border, a checkpoint that was celebrated only by an unceremonious change in pavement hue.

It took me longer than expected to reach camp. I had a reservation at a KOA camp outside of Las Cruces. I ended up getting there around 7pm. For those unfamiliar with KOA camps, they are the Ritz Carltons of campgrounds, playgrounds, showers, and free pastries come complimentary with your manicured tent site.

I bumped into another cyclist, Scott, who was visiting from Colorado to ride some trails around Las Cruces. We swapped some stories and I invited him to come laugh at my bike. I showered and went to bed while my towel froze outside.

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