Day 31 – Arrey to Kingston

It’s a shame how little the pictures I take can convey the majesty of these landscapes. I’m riding into the biggest elevation gain of the ride, I’m taking the advice of the two riders I bumped into heading east and staying at the Black range Lodge halfway up the mountain. I got to do some great riding on open mountain roads without being bothered by traffic.

I had an exceptional meal at the Hillsboro cafe which deserves its own post. In fact if this post seems lackluster it’s only because I’ve been itching to write about that meal.

I found my way to the Black Range Lodge in Kingston, a cabin straight out of a storybook that seems almost strategically to have no cell reception or internet connection. After helping the innkeeper hang a screen door, I settled into one of the many expertly-curated reading chairs in the lodge and dug into some of the works in their great library. I recommend “The Secret Life of Plants” by Peter Tompkins as an interesting read.

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