Packing Up

Gotta get the bike there somehow! In my garage in Rhode Island my dad and I spent some hours disassembling the bike and trying to squeeze it into the shipping box. It took some creativity.

I also packed up all the gear I’d need for the trip. Fortunately I’ll be riding past plenty of Walmarts and gas stations so there’s always a place to grab more Slim Jim’s in an emergency. For my full gear list check out this link:

I haven’t entered weights for everything on that list, my bike is definitely a couple times heavier than whatever it says there. When I weighed it for shipping, my bike plus most of my gear was 85 lbs. I try not to stop too often when I’m riding, getting moving again makes me feel like one of those people that pulls the train with their teeth. 

1 thought on “Packing Up

  1. Amy D’Alessandro says:

    Hi Julian, you’re an inspiration to all, young and old! Please be safe.

    Amy xooo


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