Day 19 – LaPlace to Baton Rouge

Anthem of the day:

Shoutout to Allen for the anthem suggestion

Escaped the Troxie motel and made my way up to Baton Rouge. Very emotional day today. Somewhere along the way to New Orleans I absent-mindedly left the lid to my water bottle on the back of my bike and rode away with it sadly untethered. I said goodbye to it and another water bottle/multitool that yearned for the landfill after a dignified term holding water and hammering in tent stakes.

Pretty beaten up

Made it to a motel in Baton Rouge where my bathroom rivaled the size of the bedroom. (I think they gave me the handicap room due to my now signature tight-muscled limp). I’d like to be camping more but apparently the weather doesn’t observe that old southern hospitality we hear so much about in the north. Lots of sub-freezing nights and rainy days to contend with.

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